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“I am a Godly man. I put my relationship with Christ and my family first. Fitness has been a passion of mine ever since I was five years old when my eldest brother handed me a 20lb dumbbell that dropped immediately onto my big toe (still have the scar to prove it). Over 15 years ago I started my journey as a personal trainer. I have trained clients inspiring to be professional athletes to helping people recover from a major life altering event (surgeries, stroke, etc.). I have been passionate about owning a gym that I or any other serious lifter would want to be part of, and God provided to fulfill this life goal. Come join a gym that will treat you like a person first and help you take your own fitness goals seriously.“

- Brock Shuman, Owner

Membership Rates

  • $30 per month

  • No initiation fees

  • No contracts

  • Discounts offered for family members, veterans, ,and first responders

  • Corporate memberships offered


➤ location

1806 S Battleground Rd
 La Porte, TX 77571

GYM Hours

Monday - Sunday
24 hour access

☎ Contact
(281) 814-3327